Mihailo Dragojevic‘s “Medulla Mactabile Maculae” 3 unpublished tracks
available now only in compilation “IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE
released by fresh new record label “93.93 Publishing“.

M tracks on the album:
Medulla Mactabile Maculae – Humanicid (illwaved)
Medulla Mactabile Maculae – Indoctrination Drops All
Medulla Mactabile Maculae – Society Spells (soundtrack from video Society Spells)

Tearpalm, Black Light District, Nikola Nežit, Mekonin, Ksnkst,
Kolaborator, The Flesh Community, C L VRS, Koneyn, Katagrim, Dunduew,
Tamara Dinka, Karmavore, Hermes, Insect Human, VIIIO, The Demiurge,
Cosmomachia, Jov, Pt, J-Etcetera, S☀lar


PORTAL” murales / interior decoration by Mihailo Dragojevic

Snake tattoo by Mihailo Dragojevic on Irina Jerina

Bandana hand tattoo done by artist Mihailo Dragojevic as a final touch on a black & white sleeve project.