4RANKO Music, lyrics, art & vocal performance: Francis Nngamalla
Video, camera & production: Mihailo Dragojevic


“Medulla” is “center” or “essence”, “Mactabile” is “deadly” and “Maculae” stands for “spots” or “stain”.

Nature is perfect. We can’t accept it. We make it “better” for “ourselves” or do we?

We don’t see the limitation and the hole becomes deeper, until the black hole arises.

“Medulla Mactabile Maculae” is “The Essence Of Deadly Stain”.

It is an idea that came out of human isolation as far as the thought can trace the event in memory. Conditioning. It is now a motivational force for our own creation, a burden that separates us from nature, the real actual world of the universe and it’s communication that once realized we can’t escape from.

So in this we are just zoo animals caught up by our own zoo.

As we can conclude IT is a conflict of one within it’s own existence, a mind struggling force that’s born out of this separation which by itself creates the need for this expression.

Out of confusion there may be a solution… or just…!?

Are we escaping from the universe or is it something else?

Can this stain become the circle, a dot or the center again? Does it want it to? Is that IT’s purpose behind it all? Or is it all about “the deadly stains”, just for the mad fun of it?

Is this the way we are going in squares around the circle of one and escaping from the center we are all a part of anyway? What this creation is all about than?

Human is pushed to create by his own condition, the condition that stands for the word “human” itself. Tracing memories, creating consistent stories… separated by “all the rest”. Ego. Solitude.

Could it be that “unsquarity” is reality and that “Medulla Mactabile Maculae” is merely a reminder?

Mihailo Dragojevic is a multimedia artist born in Belgrade (ExYugoslavia) in 1984.

From the early age he started drawing and was fascinated by art and the world of visual expression that guided him into becoming an artist & a designer for a profession.

In 1999 he started experimenting with web & graphic design, photography & body art in the high school for Design in Belgrade, on the department for Graphic Design.

After high school, in 2004 he went to Italy and was involved in body art film
performance directed by american artist Jim Herbert known for his paintings 
and videos created for R.E.M. music group.

He graduated in 2008 in Italy, at Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, on the department of “Arts of Multimedia” (“Arti Multimediali” curated by Tommaso Tozzi), on the course curated by Massimo Cittadini (subject TOTAL DESIGN” read more in PDF).

After finishing his first animated short film “Reality” in 2005, Mihailo had his first solo exhibition, a video art performance project “YU Underground”, curated by Federico Bucalossi in Florence (IT) and in 2008 he took part in his first, but this time, collective art exhibition “Malaspinarte ’08” in Massa (IT), curated by artist Antonio Vilasi.

In 2006. his old personal website (in that time mihailo.net) was published in the international book for the best web designs world wide “Web Design Index”.

From 2005/2014 he participated as a freelance designer & video artist on many graphic design, web & video related projects for and with individual contemporary artists world wide.

In 2012 he wrote, designed and published his first story, a small book entitled “ANIMA” (download in PDF) and in 2014 he wrote poetry project entitled “POETRON“.

From 2011/2019 Mihailo created 11 music albums under the name Medulla Mactabile Maculae (Medulla Mactabile Maculae, Conditioning, Unsquarity, On Human, Lukter LuftenZemlja U Veni, Moment, Solution, Inappropriate , Not Normal, Embrace) and featured on the first 9393 record IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE and on almanac music compilation by ADAADAT.

In the year 2015 Mihailo Dragojevic was invited to take a part with his short film footage in creating video art parts for movie Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus.

From 2009/2016 M made music videos for groups & performers: Third I, Vila Filozofina, Points of Reality, Machina, Schizophrenic Reality, Ali Marxizam, DJ Tashi, KUGA, 4RANKO and for his own personal art project Medulla Mactabile Maculae.



Mihailo Dragojevic‘s “Medulla Mactabile Maculae” 3 unpublished tracks
available now only in compilation “IN NO ORDER OF IMPORTANCE
released by fresh new record label “93.93 Publishing“.

M tracks on the album:
Medulla Mactabile Maculae – Humanicid (illwaved)
Medulla Mactabile Maculae – Indoctrination Drops All
Medulla Mactabile Maculae – Society Spells (soundtrack from video Society Spells)

Tearpalm, Black Light District, Nikola Nežit, Mekonin, Ksnkst,
Kolaborator, The Flesh Community, C L VRS, Koneyn, Katagrim, Dunduew,
Tamara Dinka, Karmavore, Hermes, Insect Human, VIIIO, The Demiurge,
Cosmomachia, Jov, Pt, J-Etcetera, S☀lar