The most profound scenes
without camera, paper
square or screen
I have seen

Deepest music and flights
Inside my mind
flow without lights
or any other images or sights

no numbers
no fights

no artist
no arts

no separation
no parts

no brain
no hearts

no role
no stitches for a hole

no fear
but here & near
my dear

only seasons & sun
in eternal circle of fun

the inner being
can’t run

Extend or fade what i say
don’t limit your way

mind didn’t go
in order to stay

and I can’t find the letter as such
to express the sense of human touch

as we well know
energy is the only show

as our words cannot express
the deepest truth they may oppress

but also they could be a bridge or a wall
where we nail our feelings in & all

monuments in time
squished like a lime

so present is in now forever to be
undefined in the field around we

It all depends on you & me
are we gonna let it all be?

The nature will take them to see