POETRON drawing by Mihailo Dragojevic

POETRON” project text and drawing by Mihailo Dragojevic

23/04/2014 - illustration, - text

mihailo dragojevic ego medulla mactabile maculae image of an animal

“Repetition is the only way to kill a part of animal’s nature in
every sense, but not to kill the animal. That Living corpse
becomes functional by itself, for itself, while that “itself”
is a product of the same conditioned,
in that way isolated behavior.

Some animals call that a GAME, some EGO and some
would not say, I didn’t ask them.

Hmmmmm… “I didn’t ask them.” Why that now? This is
the EGO, as someone may understand; life of the animal
in the form of a picture of itself and the relationship of that
auto-isolated picture with all that exists around the animal.
It is a product of conditioning the animal by repetition.”
- insert from ANIMA


“Ponavljanje je jedini način da se ubije deo prirode životinje
u svakom smislu, a pritom da se ne ubije životinja. Živi leš
koji postaje funkcionalan sam od sebe, za sebe, dok je to
“sebe” proizvod tog istog uslovljenog, na taj način
izolovanog ponašanja.

Neke životinje to zovu IGRA, neke EGO a neke
se i ne bi izjašnjavale, nisam ih pitao.

Hmmmmm…”Nisam ih pitao”. Odakle sad to? To je EGO,
ko što neko shvati, život životinje u obliku slike o samoj
sebi i relacija te autoizolovane slike sa svim što postoji oko
životinje. To je proizvod uslovljavanja
životinje ponavljanjem.
- insert iz ANIMA

06/01/2014 - text

medulla mactabile maculae

“Art is just expressing the sickness of our society using various mediums… because everything that is beautiful and communicative already exists perfect as it is in nature.”  - Mihailo Dragojevic