on human by mihailo dragojevic

Album ON HUMAN – Medulla Mactabile Maculae (Download full album)

2013. album release “UNSQUARITY” experimental music soundtrack album by multimedia artist Mihailo Dragojevic.


01-Enter the City
02-Blabla Bla
03-Multi Med i Um
05-Miss Carriage
06-Questioning Emptyness
07-The Color of Shadow
08-The Monomints
09-Mind Tetris
10-Light & Trees * (feat. Jiddu Krishnamurti)
11-Just Like A Fly
12-Zlatne Kuce Grade * (mixing Necu, Necu Dijamante by Halid Beslic)
13-Indispensable * (Charles Manson’s music mix)
14-Subliminal Society
15-What We Call Music * (feat. John Cage)