The Venus Project


Video Mix by Mihailo Dragojevic
Music by Max Vincent – (Album “Infinity”) – Noc pored reke Nil / Night by the river of Nile


Albert Einstein
Stephen Hawking
Michael Jackson
Alan Watts
George Carlin
Bob Marley
Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
Bill Hicks
Charles Manson
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Buckminster Fuller
Osho Rajneesh
Blaise Pascal
Robert Anton Wilson
Timothy Leary
John Lennon
Richard Rorty
Jacques Fresco

The Zeitgeist Movement

Original video & music by Mihailo Dragojevic from his first experimental album entitled “CONDITIONING

Video & music by Mihailo Dragojevic

This video is a tribute to Leni Riefenstahl and as a memory & glory of Max Vincent (ex. Max & Intro),
unsurpassed keyboards, samplers and drum-machines wizard, music author and vocalist,
born in Belgrade as Misa Mihajlovic (1967-2004).


Video mix by Mihailo Dragojevic.

Original music by Max Vincent – SHIRLY (song from his last, later published album “INFINITY”).


Contemporary art installation by multimedia artist HR-Stamenov (2008). Exhibition documentary video by Mihailo Dragojevic.