“CULTURE” pencil drawing by Mihailo Dragojevic in 2001.

2010 “ONE” pencil sketch/drawing by Mihailo Dragojevic

“WHY / BECAUSE” digital sketch illustration by Mihailo Dragojevic –  print on paper 35x40cm





























Love is a power for desire
We all know that old tire
To roll higher and higher
But inside our mind we frier
Selfish desire,to divide one from the whole
and prison it in a shelter below
Were we always so low?
Couldn’t we just let it all go
to flow and flow above this great fall?

Sheeple doped out of their minds
As a symbol mixed with all signs
Is that what the Nature went through?
I’ll leave this up to you

Stick with me King
I’ll teach you everything
I work below the sink
I’ll teach you everything
Hey you little thing
You are really a big thing
Do you know how to think?
Or I teach you how to sing?
Do you know every stink?
And your Ego is in a place
Where you don’t have any chase
In that empty space
Or what else to say
All for you it’s ok

Cube of rocks
Mind in a box
Life of chocks
Plastic cocks
Women gay
That’s OK
Or just a way
To sway the life all day

Alien shit is always a Hit
From the bottom of an Old Pit
We all knew that Myth

Fool for a ghoul it’s just a strong Mule
That likes to pull and pull until it’s all full
Hey you stupid Mule
You really like that school?
All that muddy pool
Where you bath and rule

No One knows for Ego pose
It’s just like a Vase Rose
Inside where no One knows

Movin’ – movin’
I saw that Ego shakin’ – groovin’
After it goes crying – trying
In the Mix of bodies frying – laying

Down and Burn
Or fly with Nature and Learn

Power Nanny will work out you many
Will do any trick
Just so we don’t think

You waiting to be dead
In your muddy bed
Where you cry
and just a lie
To oneself with all it’s breath
Why is that so?
Can we build it in a wall?
All we do is waiting for you
To wake the fuck up, transcend
And it’s enough

Virtual machine
Closing the scene
Frighten from light
Inside the might
Isolation always and fight
Through the wall of all
Be a hole
On a square
Like a doll
On a pillow
That once you owe

It’s all farts
In the empty parts
But it stink
Just for us to think
That what we do
It’s Now up to You
And if you ask
What was the task?
Reality it’s time to heal
Nature we must feel

Behind that stinky flower
It’s all Natures Power
Don’t cut or follow
That’s a true sorrow
For animals of tomorrow
Don’t sell or borrow
Be here Now, not Tomorrow

Hey there piece of Shit
I teach you every Myth
All that is for you
I know it came from Zoo
And there is a cage
In every broken stage
I know why that is true
Once I was like you

Human above all
Animal without a soul
Head with a hole
Margin with no flow
Set with a goal
Fake as a cake
When it threw the ball
With no mistake
Like preparing a stake

Plastic fantastic
Very gymnastic
Lobo transwastik

Square screen
I love that beam
It shines and finds
The spot to rot
Inside our mind

Black knight tripping the fight
Above all sight
Animals fight

True lie
Is a business tie
Witch makes us high
Until we cry

From Moo to You
Animals as a shoe
Take a bite or two
Jumm, Jumm
Woo, Hoo

Why are we meant to be
A failure till eternity
Or it’s just anxiety
From suppressed reality

Ending communication
With all nation
And start the integration
Without imagination
For our planet and our real nature

You just bet
And your suit is wet
From all that mindset

Ending the bending
No worth of sending
Or seeing any feeling
In changing the nature
Of Zoo meaning

Only human sadness in nature is a madness

Word just stood from day 1 to be Misunderstood

“POETRON” text and drawing by Mihailo Dragojevic

Album ON HUMANMedulla Mactabile Maculae
*ON HUMAN all original music & album cover design by Mihailo Dragojevic