“To me Art is just expressing the sickness of our society
using various mediums, because everything that is beautiful and communicative
already exists perfect as it is in nature.”  – Mihailo Dragojevic

is a multimedia artist born in Belgrade (ExYugoslavia) in 1984.

Since 2001 he started experimenting with body art, tattoo, photography and graphic design.

He graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (IT) in 2008, on the department ARTS OF MULTIMEDIA
(“Arti Multimediali” curated by Tommaso Tozzi), on the course curated by Massimo Cittadini (subject

After finishing animated short film “Reality” in 2005, Mihailo had his first solo exhibition,
a video art performance project “YU Underground”, curated by Federico Bucalossi in Florence (IT)
and in 2008 he took part in his first, this time, collective art exhibition
“Malaspinarte ’08” in Massa (IT), curated by artist
Antonio Vilasi.

In 2006. his old personal website (in that time mihailo.net) was published in the international book
for the best web designs world wide “Web Design Index”.

From 2005/2014 he participated as a freelance designer & video artist on many graphic design, web & video
related projects for and with individual contemporary artists world wide.

From 2006/2013 Mihailo was working as a freelancer (on web & graphic designs, flash animations, videos)
on commercial projects for various companies (Nordian, Planet Soft, Pixels Kingdom, Ferretti Studio, Green Fish).

From 2009/2010 he made a solo project (a collection of some 40 single artistic video montages,
based on philosophy and psychology of modern age culture).

In 2012 he wrote, designed and published his first story,
a small book entitled “ANIMA” (download in PDF).

In 2014 he wrote poetry project entitled “POETRON

From 2011/2015 he composed, performed and designed 5 music albums:
Medulla Mactabile Maculae, Conditioning, Unsquarity, On HumanLukter Luften & Zemlja U Veni

From 2009/2014 M also made music videos (short films) for groups: Vila Filozofina, Points of Reality, Machina,
Schizophrenic Reality, Ali MarxizamDJ Tashi, Third I and for his own personal art project Medulla Mactabile Maculae.

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